MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (Feb. 23, 2015) – A company-wide initiative at Dexter Solutions is recognizing employees that exemplify the company’s customer-centric values and culture.

Rhonda Wilson, a Benton, Arkansas native and an employee of Dexter Solutions’ prepress department in Memphis, Tennessee since 2005, became the company’s first Value Leader at a Jan. 27 awards luncheon. Wilson was awarded the 2014 Teacher of the Year award for increasing customer satisfaction through improving several key procedures in the proofing process.

“We want people to share their knowledge and challenge the status quo so that we can improve customer experiences day-after-day, month-after-month, and year-after-year,” said Dexter Solutions Director of Human Resources Alicia Waldrop.The Dexter Value Leaders Program is an ongoing initiative that focuses on one of the company’s values each year, with the overarching theme of enhancing the customer experience.

As part of her acknowledgement, Wilson received an engraved trophy and will take a weekend trip for two to Washington, DC.

The luncheon culminated the 2014 focus, which highlighted employees who acted as teachers and collaborators, sharing her/his knowledge and/or ideas so as to ensure Dexter Solutions is most efficiently and effectively meeting customer needs.

“The improvements to our customers’ experiences hinge on leveraging the individual and specialized expertise of our employees across all our locations,” said Dexter Solutions CEO Mark Zimmerman. “The more we can work together and build off of each others’ knowledge and skillsets, the better we can serve our customers, and that’s priority number one at Dexter.”

To be recognized as a Dexter Value Leader, employees are nominated by co-workers who felt they met the program’s criteria; the Employee Committee then reviews nominations and chooses the monthly recipient while the Leadership Team selects the year’s top recipient.

Wilson was selected as the 2014 Teacher of the Year because “she thought outside of her own duties as a third-shift employee and recognized the challenges of the day-to-day staff,” Waldrop said. “Her improvement suggestions crossed multiple departments and resulted in improved efficiencies for customers.”

While the Value Leaders Program incentivizes the customer-centric values and culture at Dexter Solutions, Wilson notes that it isn’t the recognition that drives Dexter employees.

“To me, it was the littlest thing, and another employee thought enough of it to nominate me,” Wilson said. “It’s not about the opportunity to win recognition, but it’s about helping our company and our customers. We need to know that we matter and that what we know matters. It’s the littlest of things that make the biggest difference, and everyone can make a difference.”