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We are a company that welcomes new ideas. Our success is dependent on our team of hospitality experts who are excited about brand delivery and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Holly Truebger

Director of Customer Service and Collections

As director of customer service & collections, Holly wants each and every customer to have the best possible experience when interacting with her team. But Holly isn’t just serious about the service given to A S Hospitality customers. When she leaves work, Holly is still in the business of giving back, volunteering and helping raise funds for several charities, including the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Combining her love for children and top-level service, Holly says if she were to open a property, she would open a luxury, ocean-side property that focused on families, including kiddie spa days and cooking programs.

Linda Anderson

Director of Client Development
and Account Services

After 15 years at A S Hospitality, it’s hard to know whether Linda’s passions for organization, designing compact spaces, and F&B came before she began her role as director of client development & account services or as a result. Either way, when Linda goes to work for a customer, most affluently with their guest directory and/or menu design, her years of expertise and efficiency allow her and her team’s customers to flourish. Given her fluency with menu design, if Linda could own a property, her luxury or full-service resort would naturally feature an exquisite F&B program. To best serve the growing number of guests traveling with their pets, this property would also feature a program exclusively for the pet guests.

Kelly O'Dwyer

Director of Market Development

With her MBA and concentration in marketing, Kelly enjoys bridging the gap between business and creative projects. As director of market development, Kelly strategizes with A S Hospitality customers to deliver solutions that leave a desirable impression with guests. She thrives when she can extract the essence of a customer’s individual brand and apply that character to their program and product lines, ensuring that solutions presented are on trend, on brand, on budget, and on time. If Kelly could own a property for herself, her guests can expect to see her creative side with a flare for interior design and painting mixed media abstracts. The upscale, boutique property in Florence, Italy would reflect refinement with personality: casual luxury. A notable check-in program would welcome guests with a glass of champagne and let them know that all of their needs will be exceptionally served.

Joe Kaelin

Director of Manufacturing and Technology

As director of manufacturing and technology, Joe finds success in helping others achieve greatness, in both his team and for the A S Hospitality customers. His ability to see a situation from multiple angles allows him to problem solve and find opportunities for advancement at every turn. It’s this level of personalization and customization that is found at every touchpoint within A S Hospitality.

Rebecca Ball

Senior Marketing Director

Developing brands requires critical and strategic thinking, detailed planning, and never-ending adapting. Rebecca executes each with levels of enthusiasm and determination as senior director of marketing services that allow A S Hospitality customers to feel confident that their brand’s voice and marketing materials are in her hands. If given the opportunity to open her own property, Rebecca’s guests would find comfort as she goes to her roots for inspiration. The independent, full-service mountain lodge would feature a warm, rustic décor with farm-to-table cuisine and an unbeatable bourbon selection. Chocolate brown, rust, dusty blue, and goldenrod brand colors would compliment the lodge’s warm and relaxed atmosphere, with a Navajo pattern to accent.

Phyllis Abraham

Key Accounts Director

While Phyllis has been with A S Hospitality for 20 years, serving key accounts to build strong and successful programs that support guest interactions, she hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be the person interacting with the guest. With previous experience as a hotel general manager, Phyllis has unique insight into how products are used in the market and what operational concerns should be considered prior to implementation. This experience, combined with working with some of largest name brands and management groups in the industry, has positioned Phyllis to be an invaluable source of knowledge for her customers. Just as she strives to meet the demands of A S Hospitality’s corporate customers, if Phyllis had her own property, she would have the hidden gem tucked away in a city full of hustle and bustle – a place of quiet refuge with touches of home, including flowers, homemade quilts, and comfort food. Her select-service hotel would, of course, include a custom turn-down program, including services, like aromatherapy, and F&B, like a snack before bed.

Karen Bankston

Account Manager

Appreciating the unique styles and personalities of people and properties comes naturally to Karen, who’s entering into her 13th year at A S Hospitality. With customer satisfaction as her top priority, Karen’s attention to detail aids her customers well as she’s endlessly finding items that are as unique and purposeful as the non-branded, independent properties that she serves. When she’s not catering to the individualistic needs of her customers, her husband, dog, and ** grandchildren keep her on her toes. With Cape Cod being a favorite place for Karen to visit, her dream property to open would be a seaside resort that caters to families with pets, complete with a pet amenity program that includes a doggie daycare, pet grooming salon, and special treat store.

Christy Thomas

Account Manager

Full of wanderlust herself, Christy knows what travelers want and need. Serving luxury and leading brands an account manager for A S Hospitality, Christy can pair her travel experience with knowledge of the industry to offer her customers unique solutions to meet their operational, customizable, and unique brand delivery needs. Being in a landlocked state has driven Christy’s love for the lake. Naturally, her dream property, given the opportunity to open one herself, would be lakeside. The all-inclusive resort would have a water sport amenity program, including rafts, sunscreen, waterguns, coozies, and more, to keep guests entertained. Of course, the boat that would accompany each suite is an added bonus. And while guests would certainly have enough to keep their attention at the property, other attractions would be nearby for the adventurous and ambitious guests.

Billy Ellison

Web Solutions Team Manager

The ever-changing world of technology and customer needs keeps Billy on his toes at A S Hospitality. Being manager of the web solutions team at A S Hospitality Billy works with his team to stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies so we can best meet our customers’ needs. Billy’s agility in the office carries over to the golf course, which is why his resort getaway would feature a tournament-grade 18-hole course along the cost of the Carolinas. And his passion for home brewing would be met with a comprehensive craft beer menu and onsite mixologists. Of course, the tech-avid tourists could retreat to the retro and console gaming areas with virtual reality lounges also available while a luxury spa with massage therapists would serve any guest looking for ultimate relaxation.

Jeff Parker

Director of Estimating, Planning,
and Procurement

Customers may not know him by name, but as director of estimating, planning, and procurement, Jeff ensures each and every customer is getting the best price for the best product. After 33 years with A S Hospitality, Jeff’s love for offering unique solutions, tinkering with spreadsheets, building relationships, and planning hasn’t faded. With a love for New Orleans and fresh seafood, if Jeff could open his own property, he would look for something seaside that would offer a delectably fresh F&B program.

Timothy Rhodes

Senior Developer

Timothy is one of A S Hospitality’s behind-the-scenes ninjas. He’s constantly working to stay ahead of the game, searching for new technologies and better solutions for A S Hospitality’s customers with portal technologies, customized portal themes, and online ordering. With a love for family, electronics, science, philosophy, and top-level service, given the opportunity, Timothy would open a West Coast boutique hotel with a view of Seattle to the west. With themed rooms, from sci-fi, anime, or just futuristic, Timothy’s property would invite the traveling “nerds,” whether they are alone, with family, or attending an on-site gaming/technology convention.

Sarah Patton

Marketing Services Manager

With a background in art and her own set of creative genius, Sarah leads and contributes to projects with distinct purpose to drive progress. Meaningful designs with an efficient process allow Sarah’s work to enliven all brands that she serves. While she seeks to invigorate and energize A S Hospitality customers’ images, she’s often found fighting the opposite battle with her and her husband’s two dogs that have more energy than she will ever wake up with. With a desire to cater to individual needs, Sarah says if she could open a property, it would be an independent B&B with a modern vintage and casual voice. With colors and patterns inspired by nature and gold to offer a sophisticated accent, every guest at Sarah’s B&B would feel as calm and classy as the property itself.

Matt Freese

Technology Project Manager
and Business Analyst

Capturing moments through the use of technology is Matt’s passion. Whether it’s through analyzing the behind-the-scenes data at A S Hospitality or pursuing his passion for photography with his family, Matt is delighted when he uses devices and technology to piece together a grander story. Knowing the importance of staying connected, if Matt were to open his own property, having free, high-speed internet without hassles would, of course, be a top priority. The city-loft style property tucked away in a mountain setting would be minimalistic, allowing guests to comfortably focus and later unwind.

Kandice Matteson

Marketing Manager

Kandice seeks to empower people, brands, and customers by connecting each with the resources they need to thrive. Researching, planning, creating, and analyzing these resources motivates Kandice to develop strategic marketing campaigns and successful project plans. Critically thinking to find new and alternative solutions allows Kandice to organize projects and teams in a way that each achieves success. A love for language and writing would inspire any property Kandice owns to adopt a professional yet conversational brand voice that would include names, slogans, and materials rich with rhetorical wordplay. Her independent, select-service property tucked away in a wooded valley would be inspired by Italy, with designs featuring warm, earthy tones accented by a sage green and wine purple. Of course, there would be a F&B program that features local wines, freshly made pastas, homemade sauces from local produce, and local meats.

Susan Dabbs

Integrations and Application
Support Manager

As integrations and application support manager, Susan does more than troubleshoot and problem solve with technology–she thrives when she can share those solutions with the A S Hospitality team so each is better equipped to serve customers. Outside of A S Hospitality, she relishes the opportunities to show her horses.

Gavin Anderson

Senior Creative Graphic Designer

There is no shortage of creative genius with Gavin. As senior creative graphic designer at A S Hospitality, Gavin enjoys promoting simplicity and consistency by creating templates that also allow for flexibility in use across teams. Outside of work, Gavin is as colorful as the coral in his tropical reef tank. Being an active member in the Memphis community, Gavin serves as the co-organizer of Memphis Outdoor Adventures, active member of the Memphis Scottish Society and Memphis Irish Society, vice president of programs for the Memphis Calligraphy Guild, calligraphy instructor, and piano teacher. If Gavin could indulge himself with his own property, he would choose the intimate setting of a B&B in the mountains. The small, independent property would feature rustic, earthy tones and cuisine with local, wild-caught game from the region. Being the family man that he is, Gavin would ensure his property had a children’s amenity program that would make families feel welcome without unnecessary expenses.

Bobbie Masterson

Technology Project Manager

Working across teams during her 22 years at A S Hospitality, Bobbie is able to bring diverse experience and contribute unique viewpoints to the Technology Assistance Team. Bobbie is driven when she creates and implements solutions that allow teams to work more efficiently.

Mike Driffill

Production Manager

With 30 years at A S Hospitality, Mike Driffill knows how to deliver results that exceed customer expectations. With a drive for seamless workflow and efficient project management, Mike oversees a customer-centric team as A S Hospitality’s Product Manager.

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