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Mar15th, 2016

2016 Menu Trends for F&B Programs

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Create a menu guests will crave and attracts local trafficF&B programs are successful when guests (and even off-property diners) keep coming back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths. And … you get the point. To do that, there must be a cohesive F&B strategy and brand identity. That’s all preliminary, though, to an integral piece to your success: your menu. Your menu communicates the identity of your restaurant in more […]
Mar11th, 2016

Top Hotel Guestroom Pen Picks

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Our stylized sourcing team has toiled over the decision in choosing their favorite hotel guestroom pen (so hopefully you don’t have to). These are the pens that made the cut to the top 10 for 2016.How do you choose a pen that best represents your brand? Get expert tips from A S Hospitality here.
Apr1st, 2015

Cute & Cuddly Pet Collections: Easy Ideas For Appealing To Travelers With Pets

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30 million Americans travel with pets each year.
As more people are bringing their furry family members with them on their travels – of which 75% of the time these furry travelers are dogs – adding a pet amenity collection to your property’s guest-facing programs can do more than simply make the lives of traveling pet owners easier.

According to Forbes, “[B]rands that recognize pet love can make stronger connections with their […]
Mar2nd, 2015

Concept-Driven F&B Programs: Extending Your Brand Experience Into Food & Dining

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Create a tasteful and practical F&B program that your guests will crave and will leave them with a lasting brand impression! As you develop your new concept or place updates to an existing concept, there are some key points to consider:
1. Choose A Concept That Compliments Your Hotel.
Because the needs of a full-service restaurant with room service and to-go options are very different from those programs with a more bistro […]
Feb2nd, 2015

Sweet Dreams: Dreamy Bedtime Amenities For Kids

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Whether planning a fun-filled getaway, exploring new cultures, visiting destination locations, or simply extending a business trip to include the family, it’s the irreplaceable memories of a family vacation that inspire parents to take the plunge.

While the daytime fun of a family vay-cay is treasured, the grueling task to get children of any age to fall asleep in an unfamiliar place is loathed.

Parents will agree that getting children to wind […]
Jan5th, 2015

Refreshing Your Brand: Staying On Brand, On Time, And On Budget

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In hospitality keeping your brand relevant in a changing industry is imperative to your guests’ satisfaction and your success. While guests have general expectations for their accommodations, a brand refresh can help to differentiate your brand from the competition and better align guest expectations with your service offerings.

Refreshing your brand, though less intensive than a complete rebranding, can certainly seem like an overwhelming task. With a skilled business partner […]
Nov14th, 2014

The How-to’s of Branded Gifts: Selecting Meaningful & Brand Enhancing Gifts

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We all love the feeling that comes with “making someone’s day”. After all, in an industry built around exceptional service and experience, there is a natural appreciation for extending the same thoughtful qualities into our business environments.

The challenge is that we are more inundated than ever with screen time and remote communications, which makes opportunities for face to face interaction exceedingly rare—even more so due to the nature of our […]
Oct1st, 2014

Ballpoints, and Clicks, and Twists! Oh, My!

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How To Select The Right Pen For Your Brand
The hotel pen ranks as an item guests most frequently take home with them, ending up in purses, briefcases, offices and kitchens months after their stay. This is a powerful brand interaction for such a small investment per guest.

There are a variety of aspects to consider in order to select the pen that meets your needs; the process can be time consuming […]
Sep1st, 2014

Top 5 Mistakes When Developing Property-Specific Print Collateral

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Whether your team is creating a single product that will be customized and implemented across all properties, or you are embarking on a full brand re-imaging, taking the appropriate steps in the beginning can mean the difference between stress-free success or total frustration for your initiative.

In this article, we identify the top five most common mistakes we see brands make when developing property-specific print collateral. Each of these pitfalls can […]
Aug4th, 2014

Inspired & Relevant: Reaching the Millennial Traveler Through Branded Guest Amenities

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The millennial generation is blazing a distinctive path into adulthood. We are in the throes of a demographic overhaul that is affecting nearly every industry, including hospitality and travel.

As the next generation of travelers, Millennials will soon become the hospitality industry’s core customer. Within four years, 79 million Millennials will begin to enter the highest earning, spending, and traveling years of their careers. By 2020, this demographic will make up […]