Whether planning a fun-filled getaway, exploring new cultures, visiting destination locations, or simply extending a business trip to include the family, it’s the irreplaceable memories of a family vacation that inspire parents to take the plunge.

While the daytime fun of a family vay-cay is treasured, the grueling task to get children of any age to fall asleep in an unfamiliar place is loathed.

Parents will agree that getting children to wind down and off to dreamland is one of the most essential and tedious moments of their day–and not something that they want to ruin their coveted family vacation.

Anticipating your guests’ need for relief at bedtime with a bedtime gift is one that will not go unnoticed. The 2014 Gallup hospitality study results show “that guests value a worry-free experience, and they appreciate when hotels anticipate their most important needs.”

When hotels that take care of their guests’ wellbeing, they are more likely to engage guests, which increases chances of positive experiences, shared reviews and return/future reservations. “And fully engaged guests are less price-sensitive than indifferent or actively disengaged guests, regardless of generation, when booking a repeat hotel stay,” according to Gallup.

Bedtime amenities, whether offered as a turn-down gift, an add-on amenity or part of a rewards program, can relieve children and parents alike. They can serve as a distraction from the anxiety many children have of sleeping away from home, elating them with a gift that is all their own. And parents are grateful for your consideration to help the job of getting to bed easier.

“Including a Bedtime Amenity program, whether big or small, can benefit any hotel or resort. Not only does it create a fun bedtime experience, but also builds and strengthens connections with kids and their families.”
– Clare Cochran, Dexter Solutions, Hospitality Marketing Manager

Bedtime Amenity Ideas

Under $3: Fun Sippy Mug & Cookies
Milk CupPair some fun with milk and cookies with this playful sippy cup with curved straw. Lids are available in a variety of colors, and features a large imprint area.
Additional idea in this price range:
  • Branded glow sticks and glow bracelets
$3 to $10: Animal Plush Toy with Matching Children’s Book
Plush_and_BookWhat child doesn’t like to snuggle with a soft and cuddly stuffed animal? This funny monkey is paired with a matching children’s board book. Animals can be selected in coordination with your property location.
Additional idea in this price range:
  • Branded, PMS Color-Matched fleece blankets
$10 to $20: Write-On Pillow Case Set
PillowThis set works well for a variety of ages, and is a great evening activity set. This fun and playful set includes a pillow case and logo imprinted washable markers enclosed in a branded cotton pouch.
Additional idea in this price range:
  • Branded Kids sleepy-time bath set
  • Branded flashlight and shadow book

The elusive Millennials will be the guests to impress with these turndown and select-service amenities. It’s agreed that Millennials will soon become the leading group among travelers, and nearly 40 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds are parents, with that percentage expected to double in the next 10 to 15 years.

While this demographic looks to resorts for destination vacation and cultural experience, this is also the group with the largest percentage that will extend business trips into personal trips, which often times include their families.

With 90 percent of Millennials sharing their brand preferences online, engaging them with a bedtime amenity program can have a far-reaching effect. And considering “online guest reviews have the most influence with Millennials” as they shop around for a hotel, you want to be sure to give them positive experiences to share.

There are several ways to offer your guests bedtime amenities.

Turndown Gifts
Encourage family time at your hotel before bringing turndown gifts to support lasting memories with your brand. Offer a hotel- or destination-specific scavenger hunt at the front-desk for a family-fun activity before offering even more with a turndown gift.

Add-On Amenities
While parents may have denied the option for evening milk and cookies/apple slices, a bath time spa kit, or even a book and stuffed animal when they checked in, they may rethink their options once slumber-time approaches. Offering add-on amenities puts the parents in control, which most will agree is something they lose when it’s time to get the kiddos off to bed.

Loyalty Rewards
With nearly 86 percent of Millenials redeeming reward points earned through business travel for leisure activities and brand-loyalty or rewards programs driving the decision on which brand to choose for nearly 80 percent of Millenials, it’s not unrealistic to anticipate families staying within the family of hotels a business trip may fall.

Use a loyalty program to allow guests to upgrade their bedtime amenities; that child-size robe that could be paired with the bath-time spa set for rewards members.