Hotels are using water bottle refilling stations to eliminate plastic bottle waste, reduce costs, and enhance health. These stations range in type from basic, non-filtered set ups to digital models with a 7 step purification process. Some water bottle refilling stations even feature a counter that identifies the number of one-time use water bottles avoided; allowing guests to connect their actions to the environmental efforts of the property.

Water bottle refilling stations cater to the growing number of guests determined to make eco-conscious decisions while traveling. According to a 2019 sustainable travel report from, 70% of global travelers say they would be more likely to book an accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly. The study found that over half (55%) of global travelers report being more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were a year ago.

Leveraging Water Bottle Refilling Stations at Your Hotel

fruit-infused water being dispensed by fitness hotel guest on a warm day

Infused water stations in the hotel lobby create an unexpected offering that guests are drawn to and appreciate. Stations are typically high traffic areas and provide the perfect location for branded guest touch points like signage, menus, and property information. Incorporating other eco-friendly solutions like reusable straws and recycled cups elevate refilling stations and allow properties to connect with the values and standards of their guests. Other popular sites that can benefit from water bottle refilling stations include hotel gyms, pool areas, and elevator lobbies.

Replacing plastic water bottles with refilling stations reduces cost and provides an additional revenue stream for properties that sell reusable water bottles. Many hotels add their logo and brand messaging to these highly visible guest amenities resulting in high-impact branded items that guests will use long after they leave the property.

Hotel associates also benefit from water bottle refilling stations. Easily accessible fresh water promotes employee wellness and saves the expense of purchasing bottled water. In addition, associates appreciate company sustainability and most will gladly participate in the effort to reduce plastic waste.

In light of the ongoing “skip the straw” efforts and industry-wide recognition of the need to reduce environmental impact, water bottle refilling stations align with the values of hotels, guests, and associates alike. Hospitality is founded on the ideas of friendliness and generosity, and we are proud to see properties continually make strides to expand these values throughout the guest experience and the environment.

For ideas and inspiration to make your property more environmentally friendly, checkout our “Green Ideas” product book.

Leveraging Water Bottle Refilling Stations at Your Hotel