We are the detail people.

We handle the complexities of delivering your brand to your guests and properties, so you can focus on other important initiatives.

Through the creation of scalable print and promotional product programs, we simplify complexities, reduce costs and time to market, and meet the unique needs of your brand. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands, becoming an extension of your team and marketing function as well as your expert partner in the complicated space of print, promotional products, menus, direct marketing, and e-commerce.

Specializing in brands with multiple locations, we also have the price points and customization that independent brands need. We tailor our curated collection of services to the unique needs of our clients, whether they are a single location or represent networks of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of locations throughout North America and around the world.

See How We Deliver Real Impact

We empower the brands we serve to reach their highest potential.

A S Hospitality is proud to be a woman owned business.
We are an FSC certified printer.
Our four midwest locations offer many customers 2 day ground shipping.

Our Values

These guidelines establish our supportive work culture and motivate us to do more for our customers.

We are one company and one team, working together
to do whatever we can to fulfill the needs of our
customers – and their customers – and to exceed all
customers’ expectations in doing so.

We obsess over our customers’ needs and conduct our
thoughts and discussions as if our customers
are in the room.

We respect one another and we accept no
biases in the workplace.

We believe in teamwork that is based on the freedom to challenge
one another’s ideas without making anything personal, and
commit to cooperate fully once the decisions have been made.
Our ideal culture is friendly and intense; but if we can only have one,
we’ll take intense.

We admit our mistakes, learn from them, and apply that
learning efficiently and effectively.

We constantly challenge ourselves to enhance quality,
improve processes, become more productive, and
reduce cycle times. Anything we do can be done better.

Meet our team

A S Hospitality is at the forefront of a keenly competitive industry that has seen many revolutionary changes since the advent of the digital age. Our team of hospitality experts is committed to excellence and our customers will always remain our top priority as we continue to stay at the forefront of evolving conditions in business and technology.

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Meet our Leadership team. With a diverse background of expertise, they are the driving force behind our brands.


A S Hospitality is a proud member of the these buying groups, allowing us to serve 15,000 properties. With these strategic partnerships, we can use our purchasing power to allow properties of all sizes to experience cost-savings based in scale. The invaluable industry experience these partnerships afford allow us to gain intimate knowledge about hospitality trends, brands, needs, and solutions that are the best fit.

We are an Avendra approved printing supplier.
American Hotel Register is a global supplier of hospitality products.
Foodbuy, Innovative Procurement
Sysco Guest Supply is a global supplier of hospitality products.

A Division of Dexter Solutions

A S Hospitality’s parent company, Dexter Solutions, is a brand process outsourcing company with the mission of empowering brands to reach their highest potential. Through a unique, integrated approach, Dexter maximizes resources to improve speed-to-market, drive cost savings and support strategic priorities. The Dexter Solutions network of brands serve the franchise, hospitality, restaurant, retail and non-profit markets.

Dexter Solutions is the parent company of A S Hospitality.

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