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Dexter Solutions

Dexter Solutions is a brand process outsourcing company, with the mission of empowering the brands we serve to reach their highest potential. We do this by offering a curated collection of services tailored to the unique needs of our clients who represent networks of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of locations throughout North America, South America, and Europe. Our unique, integrated approach maximizes resources to improve speed to market, drive cost savings, and support strategic priorities. Our scope of services includes sourcing, fulfillment, marketing, design, print production, product development, technology and customer service. We serve the franchise, hospitality, restaurant, retail and non-profit markets.
From creation to distribution, we design, deliver and execute programs tailored to the unique needs of your brand and business. Precision Services Group introduces the world’s first holistic solution for managing marketing materials across your entire organization. In an industry of one-off suppliers and cobbled services, Precision has engineered a proprietary, expandable, end-to-end architecture that you adapt and control from your desktop. Never before has the creation, production, fulfillment, and scheduled distribution of marketing materials been as seamless, efficient, or effective.
“Our corporate values state that we obsess over our customers’ needs. That equates to comprehensive solutions and great service. Perhaps not as obviously, it also translates into deep insights into the future needs of the markets we serve, given our reach and functional breadth. We see what’s coming and we’re ready. That’s what we mean by “Brand Delivery, One Step Ahead.”
Mark Zimmerman
Chief Executive Officer

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