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Karen Trendell

Vice President, Client & Marketing Services
As Vice President of Client & Marketing Services, Karen’s focus is the formulation and optimization of customer solutions and services across all divisions of Dexter.
With over 20 years of experience in Operations, Contact Center Management, and Sales Support, Karen has led major customer operations for companies such as ContextWeb, Reader’s Digest, Envision EMI, and Time Inc. At every stop, she has injected an intense customer focus, a no-nonsense get-it-done attitude, advanced technological know-how, and a commitment to teamwork that drives a top-notch customer experience.
“What sets us apart is our commitment to the brands we serve. Not just the executional aspect for which we are typically hired but the commitment to ensure that our front-line team members understand the brands we serve and make it their personal duty to be an advocate and protector of the brand.”
Karen Trendell
Client & Marketing Services

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