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Environmental Policies and Program
A S Hospitality offers a variety of environmentally responsible, green, and recycled content products. By fostering continuous learning and growth at each level of our organization, our employees seek opportunities to offer and recommend environmentally sustainable and eco-certified materials to support our customers’ socially responsible programs and practices.
We are FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) and maintain strict control and chain of custody of certified materials from the forest to the final product. Upon completion, these materials are certified as being produced using environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.
  • At present, over 60% of our products are manufactured using FSC® certified or PCW (Post Consumer Waste) recycled materials to reduce the use of virgin fiber and strengthen recycled paper and tree-free paper markets.
  • In an effort to reduce Volatile Organic Compound emissions, we use and recommend high-performance soy- and vegetable-based inks, adhesives, and solvents; 100% of the offset ink we purchase is soy- or vegetable-based.
  • We encourage our customers to proudly support these important environmental initiatives by carrying the corresponding FSC®, recycled or other eco-friendly logo to demonstrate their support of environmentally responsible practices.
  • We conduct educational outreach programs to facilitate continuous learning around print-related sustainability opportunities. By delivering customized seminars for customers as well as our industry counterparts, we influence environmentally responsible decisions on a scale beyond the walls of our own organization.
Green Principles: Environmental Statement
A S Hospitality is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and improving the longevity of natural resources while meeting the diverse needs of our stakeholders. At A S Hospitality, we recognize that environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity are inextricably linked, and we are committed to a business model that promotes continuous advancements in the use of sustainable practices and resources in addition to enhancing the value offered to our customers.
  • Our environmental efforts extend beyond raw material purchases and outreach programs to Operational Excellence.
  • We employ extensive scrap and waste reduction and recycling programs to minimize production generated waste. Dexter Solutions executes a number of raw material recycling programs, including: paper, ink, solvents, plates, and corrugated packaging.
  • Our Operations Team works diligently to reduce energy and raw material consumption by strategically planning run schedules to maximize efficiencies and leverage scale.
  • Our Prepress and Manufacturing Teams operate using 100% Direct to Plate Technology.
  • We consistently meet or exceed compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations.
  • We work diligently to select environmentally responsible materials for use in facility construction, maintenance, repair, and system replacement projects.
A S Hospitality is dedicated to improving the longevity of our environment by reducing virgin fiber and energy consumption; increasing the use of environmentally sustainable and eco-certified materials; and building awareness of environmentally sustainable alternatives and practices among our organization, customers, and industry counterparts.

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