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Jun1st, 2019

Hospitality Hacks – Tips to Optimize the Guest Experience

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The hospitality industry is unique in that we are able to provide an extended brand experience to our guests; they relax, eat, work, play, and sleep surrounded by a single brand’s expression for days at a time. Hotel guests are able to intimately experience a brand and even more, they are likely to share their experience via word of mouth, online reviews, and social media.

A subset of the brand experience […]
May7th, 2019

Leveraging Water Bottle Refilling Stations at Your Hotel

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Hotels are using water bottle refilling stations to eliminate plastic bottle waste, reduce costs, and enhance health. These stations range in type from basic, non-filtered set ups to digital models with a 7 step purification process. Some water bottle refilling stations even feature a counter that identifies the number of one-time use water bottles avoided; allowing guests to connect their actions to the environmental efforts of the property.

Water bottle refilling […]
Apr4th, 2019

Invite your Guests to Experience Wellness

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Wellness is the most rapidly growing segment in the travel and tourism industry; defined as “travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing.”

In 2018, the Global Wellness Institute released a study on the growth of this tourism segment, noting, “Wellness, hospitality and travel are now converging in unprecedented ways, from the ‘healthy hotel’ concept going utterly mainstream to airports, airlines, and cruises injecting so much wellness […]
Dec18th, 2018

Chinese New Year Reminder

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Our seasonal holidays are coming to a close, but for our overseas partners, holiday celebrations are only beginning. Every year our friends in China who work year round to produce amazing merchandise, take the month of February to celebrate the Chinese New Year. During this month long celebration, workers go home to visit their families and celebrate their long standing traditions. To allow for this, factories close from late January […]
May2nd, 2017

The Real Wow: How Excellent Brand & Print Programs Win Guest Approval Every Time

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There’s an age old question, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” At A S Hospitality, we’ve landed somewhere among the profound askers of this question when it comes to excellent branding. Our view? Well, if your brand isn’t experienced, does it actually exist as a brand in the minds of your audience members? The experience is […]
Mar31st, 2017

4 Hacks for Optimizing Your Modest Hotel Budget

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Let’s chat about budget balancing when it comes to top-of-the-line products, shall we? This is the age-old question in the hotel industry: How can I achieve an upscale feel with my branded guest touchpoints if there isn’t a large budget to do so? Or maybe, how can we save a penny as we focus on being financially responsible with our budget?

Nov8th, 2016

Functionality vs. Style: Why Your Hotel Can and Should Have Both in a Guestroom Pen

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One trend we are seeing in the hospitality industry is a laser sharp focus on guest touch points that were once simply regarded as functional necessities, but now, are making way for a new class of stylized products. (We wrote about this metamorphosis of branded products in this earlier post.) As with every advancement in technology and branding tactics, the challenge comes when hotels have to balance enhancements and operational […]
Oct31st, 2016

Cultivating Meaningful Business Relationships: The 2016 Giveaways Lookbook

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With the ability to evoke a variety of sentiments, giveaway items are a tangible means by which to initiate or add value to business relationships. When thoughtfully executed, items can become a functional and cost effective means to reinforce your brand and its values to your audience.

Oct25th, 2016

Balance of Differentiation & Scale

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Optimizing the intersection of brand vision, operational utility and customer experience without detriment to cost has been a tightrope brands have had to walk for decades. The demand for property level personalization and need for brand differentiation is greater than ever. Brands are capitalizing on new technologies and production processes to create tailored print and brand collateral programs meeting all of these needs with little compromise.

The pages to follow outline […]
Oct5th, 2016

Today’s Brands Demand More

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Today’s hospitality and franchise brands are challenged on a daily basis to stand out in busy markets. We greets each challenge with a solution that keeps our brands one step ahead. Explore three stories that propel brands beyond the cluttered market and into a top position in the minds of their guests: