Project Description

21c Museum Hotels

Prior to opening its first innovative property dedicated to guests and contemporary art alike, 21c came to A S Hospitality with the desire for a partner that could work with its agency and brand team to develop collateral and stylized products. The specialists at A S Hospitality did just that, working to source and select on-trend and brand reinforcing products, like luggage tags, unique pens, and kid tattoos.

When 21c sought to expand from its single property, A S Hospitality was able to support its portfolio growth. In collaborating with the brand’s teams, A S Hospitality devised a variety of solutions to meet the brand’s expansion needs. Collateral was needed that could easily become property-specific, and 21c needed a partner that could also warehouse and distribute orders as they came in. To meet these demands, A S Hospitality’s development team created a brand portal that allows each property to order brand-approved collateral with approved customization as well as the unique products that support 21c properties’ brand image.

Solutions Involved

Print Production

Stylized Sourcing

Inventory Management

Custom Technology

Fulfillment & Distribution

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