Project Description

The Client:

Origin Red Rocks is the official hotel of Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. They provide guests with an authentically Colorado experience while also being closely connected to the concerts and events hosted at the amphitheater. With their close connection to the music culture and attractions of Colorado, Origin Red Rocks focuses on furthering these experiences on property.

The Need:

To compliment the musical aesthetic of the local culture, Origin Red Rocks came to A S Hospitality to source vinyl record DNDs door hangers for their rooms that would feature custom labels with mock bands such as “The Silencers” and “The Pillow Men”. They had a general idea of how they wanted to make their brand stand out with these iconic items, but needed A S Hospitality’s expertise to source manufacturers and bring the concept to life.

The Solution:

A S Hospitality started by evaluating the uniqueness of this item and how it translated to a functional piece. A full record was likely to get caught in the door and stop it from closing. Additionally, the challenge of how to hang this item needed to be addressed. Options such as using the hole in the center of the record or using a hang cord were considered, but ultimately the piece needed to be effortlessly functional.

A classic DND shape, custom cut from a standard record was proposed and adopted as the best solution. A S Hospitality partnered with a manufacturer who specializes in custom items made from recycled records to create a prototype of this completely unique DND. In addition, custom labels were created, making the DNDs truly one of a kind.

Upon review and approval, A S Hospitality placed a full order of the vinyl DNDs for Origin Red Rocks and they received a unique piece that sings their brand voice, on budget and on time. From concept, sourcing, design, and fulfilment, A S Hospitality was there every step of the way to make sure this project exceedingly satisfied Origin Red Rock’s needs.

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