Project Description

The StateView: Cultivating the Brand


The Client:

A full service, boutique-style Autograph Collection hotel, The StateView Hotel opened late 2017 on the campus of North Carolina State University (NC State). They are designed to deliver exceptional experiences that incorporate innovative technology and interactive spaces, all in the spirit of the university’s “Wolfpack” mentality.

The Need:

The StateView wanted to embrace the spirit of innovation, technology, and creativity of NC State across their print collateral, but their brand only existed in the form of a logo and they were urgently in need of various branded collateral for their new property opening. The Marketing Team at A S Hospitality stepped in to unify and expand their brand beyond a logo.

The Solution:

A S Hospitality began the brand development process by exploring the culture around NC State coupled with the creative vision of the client. The StateView would have a close connection to the University, so similar colors were used to strengthen the association. Furthermore, a mural representing the many facets of The SateView and NC State was developed by A S Hospitality. The mural includes elements of the school’s well-known Free Expression Tunnel, the school mascot, math and science, the environment, and the spirit of collaboration all visually represented on a chalkboard background.

Their brand voice was further expanded in moving to the next phase, the application of the brand on print collateral. Different segments of the brand-focused mural were used on various pieces to create engaging visuals. The gear, which is a graphic element from The StateView logo representing collaboration and technology, was also incorporated into a number of pieces. Finally, A S Hospitality developed unique guest-facing verbiage such as “I’m Out Changing the World” and “Genius at Work” as a playful interpretation of The StateView brand.

A S Hospitality delivered a polished, on-brand collection of print and branded products to The StateView from concept to specification development, fulfillment, and delivery of the finished product in-hand.

Solutions Involved

Marketing Services

Product Development

Print Production

Fulfillment & Distribution

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